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CyberScholar is one of the leading sites in technology training for Retail and Indirect stores where they combine educational training with convenience.  Along with the ability to use this site to learn more about the Sprint Prepaid Group products and services, SPG is also giving away five top prizes each month to eligible people who have taken at least one training module on the site.  The modules include new phones that have launched for Boost, Virgin and Paylo, as well as any services they provide. 

This is a great tool for any store to use in order to keep updated on all of the latest news and products from SPG!  Now store owners have the information at their finger tips and are able to get the knowledge of products in a simple and rewarding way.

Don't forget to register to start your new learning experience and reap the benefits of doing so!  Just visit the Boost Mobile sales portal site, click on training, and then click CyberScholar information to learn more!

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